Sherry and Dick Brewer are a very successful real estate team with many years of combined experience and knowledge, specializing in all areas of the business on the island of Kauai. 

Dick began his real estate career in 1973 working first on Maui and then Oahu.  While working with his many clients his travels took him to the Garden Island, which he quickly realized was where he wanted to permanently live and his business began to flourish.  Soon after settling in Kauai he met Sherry whom had previously lived on Maui, where she also had a thriving real estate business for many years.  Sherry and Dick have been happily married for over 20 years and have become recognized within the north shore as cornerstones of the community.  Perhaps the only thing that surpasses the admiration of Dick's clients of his real estate expertise is the fact that he is recognized world wide as a true legend in the world of surfboards and surfing.  His surfing skills as a teenager began a passion which took him into 'shaping' both surf and stand up boards which to this day has clients calling him for special orders.  His ride down the face of a 30' wave at Waimea Bay is still talked about as an outstanding feat.  When they are not selling real estate you may find Dick and Sherry; sailing, surfing, standup paddling, or simply enjoying the company of their friends.  Both Sherry and Dick are dedicated to helping individuals find that perfect property and with their knowledge of the changing market they can help you find your dream house in the Hawaiian Islands.